Monday, April 14, 2014

We're Not Chicken

This year all 1st grade students in NISD got to watch chickens hatch from their very own library!  At Beck Elementary, teachers decided to make this opportunity part of a project based learning unit.  A live hatch means real problems to solve and real questions to ask.  Ms. Brytnie Rocha and Mr. Dan Flank were eager to jump into the process as co-teachers and facilitators for the students as they watched their classes learn by experience.  Technology served as a vehicle that helped the students reach the end goal.  The integration of tools throughout the entire lesson was a result of student engagement, communication and presentation. 

STUDENT ENGAGEMENT: During the initial week of the project, students connected with a real chicken raiser, Mrs.  Karen Horn who showed them her farm fresh eggs, the chicken coop, and the free range chickens.  She also answered the student's questions on how to raise chickens properly.

COMMUNICATION: Throughout the process, students enjoyed inviting others into their class via Twitter.  @firstbeckpeeps was the account that students used to communicate their goals and accomplishments for each day.
PRESENTATION: During  the hatching process,  students had the task  of creating a How-To Guide for next year’s 1st grade students.  Evan,  Zoey, and MacKenzie (Group #1) decided to use the iPad app “SnapGuide” to create their How-To.


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