Monday, August 11, 2014

Blogging about Books

Personal Blogs and Communication in 3rd Grade
"Charlotte’s Web Has Never Been this Fun"

Technology provides a platform for students to communicate and collaborate from all locations.  For Mrs. Kiplinger’s 3rd grade class, this platform is “KidBlog.”  While reading “Charlotte’s  Web,” students found common ground by sharing experiences, asking various levels of questions, answering each others questions, and commenting on responses. Gavin, Jake, Dylan, and Noah are four young men who find blogging to motivate them to read because they like technology and have fun posting about what they have read.  Overall, the class said their favorite part was reading comments and questions from other people.  As students blog, Mrs. Kiplinger encourages them to use vocabulary terms in their questions and answers.  Students are truly benefiting from blogging and  learning not only about "Charlotte's Web," but how to be a good communicator.  

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