Monday, April 20, 2015

Crazy and Unpredictable Weather Right Here in North Texas

In Mrs. Briseno’s 2nd grade class at Justin Elementary, students are learning just how extreme and unpredictable our weather can be.  

"Our teacher gave us a choice of weather topics like flash floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and heatwaves.  We brainstormed different avenues to collect our research using graphic organizers.  We were also charged with how are we going to share our knowledge with a global audience.  When our information was presented in class we asked for feedback from our class peers.  Mrs. Briseno then posted the projects on her class Twitter to share."

Project 1 -  Grey wanted to showcase his learning using the graphic organizer about Tornadoes.  He chose the app on the classroom iPad called Corkboard.  He found his free educational images on Google.  Grey states, “Did you know right here in Justin, TX, we are in what is called Tornado Alley? The weather trackers find the storms and send the data back to the news or home base to protect the people in our community.”

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Project  2 - Tyler and Gracie wanted to learn about Flash Floods.  Their collaboration and research began with several questions: How do flash floods form?  How do they stop? How can you protect yourself if you are in a flash flood?  They chose to culminate their research in a document with images that were converted into a flipbook using a tool called FlipSnack.  


Tyler mentions that Oklahoma, Mississippi, and China are more prone to flash floods due to their weather habits and the soft land.  Gracie stated that her dad is always looking at his radar on his smartphone when bad weather is approaching.  He is a paramedic/policeman and he needs to protect people.

These are just a few examples of projects that will be showcased at Night of No Limits in May.  

This post was written in collaboration with Grey, Tyler, Gracie, and Mrs. Briseno

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