Monday, May 4, 2015

Force and Motion Ninja Style

Check out How to Ninja Entrenando by Roanoke Ranger on Snapguide.

Second Graders in Ms. Almendarez's class completed a Problem Based Learning (PBL) challenge this last winter based on the scientific concepts of Force and Motion.  

Students were given the problem of coming up with physical activities or games that the entire student body could do during the campus Field Day that demonstrated concepts of Force and Motion.

In the second grade dual language class they needed a platform that they could write, speak and demonstrate their games/activities. Using Snapguide they were able to easily communicate via text, audibly (narration) and through video. Additionally the Snapguides were easily shared and viewed with both their fellow Roanoke Rangers and other audiences worldwide either through the iOS based app or online with any device.

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