Monday, August 10, 2015

Future Bound, Budget Aware

This spring the Pike Middle School 7th grade Pre Ap Math teachers, Alicia Morton and Meredith Burchett, took the financial literacy Math TEKS and designed a learning experience that will impact students for many years to come.

The intention was to grow a deep awareness of the cost of living, cost of college and the realities of what life can afford while staying within budget.

To help them on their course a website was designed with resources.

Additionally students went through the Naviance program provided through the NISD Counseling Department and College and Career Readiness program, to research colleges. Students selected colleges based on affordability, family influence and degree programs that were aligned to their strongest interests or career pursuits. Those interests were determined through a series of questions asked via the Naviance program.

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After determining their degree choice, college to attend and career path, students then had to create a budget for what their vocation would provide. This included purchasing a home, vehicle and day to day expenses. Those expenses included paying off their college loans.

Once they had completed their findings, students then created a presentation. These presentations were presented to several Pike and District Staff, including Jamie Farber, Director of Counseling and Kyle Seipp, Director of College and Career Readiness. Where they were asked questions and given feedback on their presentations.

The project was transformative in many ways, but the greatest impact was captured through the reflection piece where there was a personal increased awareness of: what it costs to go to college, the sacrifices their parents make to make the pursuit of their dreams possible, and what it takes to live the kind of life they desire.

Students were given choice of the technology platform to present. Common platforms utilized were Canva, Google Slides, Weebly, Smore and Emaze. Additionally a rubric was provided.

Here are two student products that showcase the this amazing financial literacy project:

Powered by emaze

For more information about the Naviance program contact your Northwest ISD Middle School or High School counseling office.

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