Monday, November 2, 2015

Students design logos for real-world applications

At Northwest ISD, we strive to provide real-world experiences for students to enhance their learning and ensure they are future ready. NISD's 1:world website was recently in need of a logo, and students in the Business Management and Entrepreneurship (BME) Academy were contacted to utilize their design and technology skills to design the new logo. Students were given the requirements, including the NISD Branding Guidelines, and used Adobe design software to provide several options to choose from. After a formal business meeting (ran by the student team leader), the chosen logo was provided in digital format to the 1:world webmaster. As a result, the logo was then incorporated into the website, which is seen by the NISD community, including students, educators, and parents. Not only does the 1:world website have a creative, student-designed logo, the students also have another digital product to add to their design portfolio.

The impact of the student-designed logo doesn't stop there. Due to the success of the 1:world logo, BME students are now working on a logo for an NISD campus library. The library logo will be displayed in the library itself, as well incorporated into a t-shirt design in which librarians will wear to represent NISD at a national librarian conference.

The next time you need a creative, digital product, consider tapping into the most creative resource we have available to us: our students.

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