Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fit for the FUTURE

Professional coaches have long been using innovative technology to train athletes. Mobile devices now make it possible for anyone to access these kinds of tools at a fraction or even free of cost and with much greater ease.  Fifth-grade students in Coach Bates' and Coach Bossert's PE class at Justin Elementary, were asked to develop fitness videos using the new student issued Chromebooks.

Ella stated, "We enjoyed being able to pick our groups because they were good partners.  Everyone got along which enabled us to get a 100% for a grade."  "The project began by researching information to distinguish the differences between aerobic and anaerobic activities, cardio and core exercises, so we could personalize the workouts," said Aleigh.

Before the Chromebooks arrived, students would customize their workouts in PE to an iOS App call SWORKIT. SWORKIT is your own personal iPad app, trainer.  You simply select the part of the body you want to exercise and by choosing from over 20 pre-built workouts, you can personalize your activities. "Staying healthy allows you to do many other things you enjoy in your life," said Bethany. 

Ella collaborated with her group using Google Docs and came up with a checklist to share the plan for the project.  PE teachers are advocating the push to use more technology in the classroom and it is great to see that more resources and opportunities are opening up to them. The students Bethany, Ella, Kimora, and Aleigh did an outstanding job not only developing their own personal workout videos, but they even developed some activities that could help those who needed modifications due to injury or pregnancy.

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The students used the application called WeVideo to produce their videos to share. The coaches gave the students a rubric and choice.  The project turned out so well it was chosen to be showcased at TechnoExpo 2017. Coach Bates asked Kimora, " How did using the technology make it easier to do this type of project?"  Kimora stated, “I am a technology person and I really enjoyed using the Chromebook and iPad.  It was easier to make sure our form was correct for the exercise.”  Their finished workout video is below.

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