Tuesday, April 17, 2018

All Things Seesaw

Mrs. Anderson’s 2nd grade class are Seesaw natives. They use Seesaw for many reasons throughout their day. Whether they are creating their own problems and solving each others work, presenting to their peers and family, doing teacher created activities, celebration their hard work, or communicating with their parents, it is all done within the Seesaw platform. If you ask them they tell you what they like about using Seesaw, here is what they say. “You are able to show your work to your parents even if they are not there to see it. Just press the record button to record your work! It is easy to record your work progress.”

Here is Mrs. Anderson telling us the 5 ways her class uses Seesaw the most:
Student created problems: I love to use Seesaw for students to create a problems, post, and have parents and students solve their work. This is great for formative assessments and really fun for the students. You can see that the parent viewed it, liked it, and even solved it! Students can leave audio comments or type a comment to their peers.

Presentations: Using Seesaw for presentations is great for you and parents! I love it because it gives the students opportunity to start their presentation over, they love helping each other on recording, and the parents can see their presentation. It is also saves classroom presentation time!

Teacher created activities: We LOVE doing Seesaw activities in my classroom! Sometimes, the students ask for me to create an activity. I can do it quickly and in the moment, I just use pic collage to create it on my phone and then post it. You can create things for them to read, label, draw on, etc.!

Celebrations: We also have a celebrations folder where we post fun pictures and events! The kids love celebrating themselves and seeing their peers hard work as well.

Parent communication: Parents and I love the announcement feature on Seesaw! It is so quick and easy from my phone, you can see which parents view it, and it goes right to their phone on the app with a notification! You can also separately message each parent privately! My parents love this features for quick reminders about their child, ride changes, etc. It is easy for them to go right to the app!

Walking in Mrs. Anderson’s class you can tell that her kids are familiar with this process and love all of the ways Seesaw has transformed their learning.

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