Monday, November 26, 2018

Book Snaps: Snapping for Reading

Walking into Mrs. Guy’s classroom is such a delight. She has set a goal to take risks this year and try new things that enhance student learning outcomes. With that goal, she is committed to incorporating relevant technology into her lessons to help students reach her yearly student learning objective, or SLO.

Mrs. Guy wrote, “When developing my SLO I noticed that students demonstrated weakness in the area of critically thinking about reading and that students had difficulty drawing conclusions with logical text evidence. This lead me to create my SLO as follows: When reading, students will draw conclusions, evaluate relationships within texts and provide text evidence to support their conclusions. Shelly brought the idea of book snaps as a way to have students showcase their evidence, so I introduced book snaps in one of my reading skills groups.”

#BookSnaps are a digital representation of the text with annotation. Mrs. Guy’s 3rd graders were given the task of choosing one difference from schools in the past and schools now in their reading skills group. They also used book snaps to showcase their favorite book with evidence on why they choose that book. Mrs. Guy said, “In my opinion, it is more than just a reading response. It is hits our SLO by having the student frame exact book evidence to support their answer in a way that interests them.”

Tyler said, "Books Snaps are fun, you can use them to tell about your favorite book.
Book Snaps is a great a way for students to find text evidence and make connections with their reading. Taking risks and finding relevant ways to get your kids learning and reaching goals is invaluable. By using Book Snaps and other useful technology integration tools, they can reach their learning goals easily and more often!

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