Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Team Haldridge: Building Success through Student Engagement

Jenn Hall and Sarah Aldridge, Team Haldridge, are two 5th grade educators from Clara Love Elementary who have integrated Pear Deck to actively engage their students in the learning process.  Their goal for integrating Pear Deck is to design lessons where every moment counts!  When Sarah and Jenn begin thinking about adding the interactive Pear Deck elements to learning experiences they always consider how the students will interact with the content and what opportunities they can provide for students to show what they understand about the content.

Pear Deck is an excellent tool for enhancing the learning experiences for students.  Jenn loves that Pear Deck provides each student with a voice through interactive responses which leads to deep academic conversations.  Team Haldridge purposefully plans for independent, partner, or whole class talk moves to make sure students have time to brainstorm before they explain their thinking, as well as strategies discuss their work and what other students have shared. Sarah loves that Pear Deck helps her students stay focused within the lesson because they are always eager to see how they will be able to respond and share their thinking.  The ability to control what students see on their screen as well as manage the time spent on each response helps Sarah mover her lesson forward.  Both and Jenn and Sarah believe the teacher dashboard is integral for understanding student responses, reflecting on and clarifying misconceptions immediately, and celebrating the great thinking and learning happening during a lesson. 

Team Haldridge is always looking for innovative and engaging ways to design Pear Deck lessons for their students. If you are interested in sharing your Pear Deck lessons with other educators please consider submitting your lesson ideas to the Pear Deck Orchard!  Sarah and Jenn would love to share a couple of their Pear Deck lessons with you below!

Which One Doesn't Belong and Multiplying Decimals
Numberless Word Problems
What are Character Traits?
"Piper" Pear Deck: Character Traits

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