Monday, May 12, 2014

Blueprint Gone 3D

Written by Jacob Suchors, Ridge Hanson, and Brandon Fryer
     The Junior and Senior students in Mrs. DeLong's AutoCAD class recently completed their Guest House Project. The unique aspect of this project is that the students are designing a real house for a real client that is actually going to be built in Van Zandt County! The client that the house is being built for is Libby Turner, a woman who owns a plot of land in East Texas. When asked about how students reacted to having an actual client, AutoCAD teacher Mrs. Jacqueline DeLong, explains how, “By actually having a real client it motivated the students to work harder because each team wanted to see their design become a reality.”

    The students worked in teams of 2 to create the house. They used a more advanced AutoCAD program called REVIT, which allowed the students to show their design in 3D. Tucker Chaka states that, “I like Revit a lot more than the original AutoCAD because it makes everything so much easier…You can select Door, Window, Wall, etc. and place it wherever you want, whereas in AutoCAD you have to draw everything individually which makes things much more complicated and time consuming.”

    The project was designed to exploit each student’s talents in creating a home in REVIT. The situation was very real world with a real client and client wants. The students met with the client weekly and discussed ideas, the budget that was $70,000, and had the client check the progress of their designs. Having a real client added to the whole idea and helped prepare students for the real world.

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