Monday, September 15, 2014

More Than a Score

In Northwest ISD, we recognize that students are dynamic and have various aspects that define them. Austin N. is a student athlete, leader, and volunteer. He uses his ePortfolio to display his unique abilities and reflect on his learning. "When I choose what goes in my ePortfolio, I have very high standards for myself. In order to be added, the work has to meet my high expectations and the expectations of my teachers.”

While Austin started his ePortfolio in the Spring of 2014, he continually adds projects that he feels captures his abilities. “As I continue to add to my ePortfolio, I am building my resume for the future.”

In addition to using his ePortfolio is the classroom, Austin also utilizes this platform when he presents to panels and the community. When Austin graduates, he hope to study Civil and Architectural Engineering.  While he is currently building his ePortfolio to help him get into college, he has plans to add his college work as he prepares for his career.  “When I look at my ePortfolio I have that sense of ownership that pushes me to do more.  When people look at my ePortfolio, it shows them that I'm a leader in my school and a hardworking, driven individual.”

As Austin puts it, "Being a successful student requires you to be connected, collaborative, and determined." This is one piece of the puzzle that helps Austin build and showcase those qualities.

In Northwest ISD, all students are #morethanascore.

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