Monday, September 22, 2014

S'more... hear me "Roar"

This summer, all students entering 6th-8th grade pre-AP Language Arts were required to read a book from the NISD Recommended Summer GT/PreAP Reading list.  When these students returned to their campuses in August, they were given the task of creating a product based on a matrix of choices. They were given a rubric to help them self-evaluate if their end product met the learning expectations of the product.

It is the student's choice how he/she showcases the work. This allowed John (seventh grader at Pike Middle School) to showcase his thoughts, ideas and understanding of his book, The Roar by Emma Clayton, in a unique way. After browsing many options such as Weebly and Wix, John decided to use S'more.

John was extremely passionate about Roar and this is evident in his S'more.  He chose the S'more as it allowed him to showcase the book via images, video (Animoto) and text, as well as embed links to an informational website on the author.

S'more is an exceptional and thorough way to showcase a book. It is incredible is how John not only completed the requirements, but valued sharing and feedback as well.  John asked his mother to share his work via Facebook.

The Feedback he obtained via his mother's social media allowed him to gather important information and ideas. The feedback helped him edit his final product and allowed him to evaluate whether his product had an impact beyond just completing the assignment.

While he was looking for feedback to improve his product, his work as a by-product was so convincing that many behind the posts featured here stated that because of his S'more, they now wanted to read The Roar.

What do you think of his final product? Are you persuaded to read the The Roar by Emma Clayton now that you have viewed John's S'more?

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