Monday, January 26, 2015

Simplifying the Principles of Newton's Laws

Student Rachel Hopkins, 8th grader at Wilson Middle School, embraced a challenge from science teacher, Mrs. McCown. The challenge: show other students a creative way to learn about Newton’s Laws.  Rachel describes to her audience the properties of motion with her unique approach to create a project that makes the concept understandable for her peers.  Newton’s laws are useful when people design airplanes, trains, cars, sports equipment, toys and many things that have to do with motion.  Some people have trouble understanding Newton’s laws without any applicable examples that relate to everyday life.  Rachel addresses these misunderstanding through filming and then using video production software to best address the learning needs of her audience. Her completed video was uploaded to YouTube to broadcast to a global audience so that she not only made a difficult concept understandable to her classmates but learners around the world.

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"Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727)" by Sir Godfrey Kneller -]. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

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