Monday, January 18, 2016

Start Your Career Path Today!

At Gene Pike Middle School, students are breaking down the walls of the classroom and preparing for their future.  Mr. Freeze began this assignment with the end focus of wanting kids to learn how to create a resume. However, it took on a life of its own very quickly. They had a business professional come into the classroom and through an open Moodle Chat the students were able to pose questions about what employers look for in a resume.

Excerpt of a Moodle Chat from Mr. Freeze's Class

From there the students took his advice and decided on a career that they may be interested in.  They used the website to ask questions about a specific job in forums. This exploded! They were getting feedback and collaborating with people all over the world.

They did all the research they would need to be able to then create a faux resume that would make them a likely candidate for a job in that particular profession.  The students were then in charge of creating their resume.  From there they were given a choice for the platform they wanted to use to demonstrate their learning.  They chose several avenues, from a Google Slide to a Thinglink.  Haevyn, a 6th grader in Mr. Freeze's class, said that this project has helped her to understand the process she will need to go through as she gets older and starts looking for a job. "My brother is 16 and even though he only works at Taco Bueno, he still had to interview and fill out an application. So this project helped me to understand what he was going through."  These students were really able to collaborate on a global level.  Several students have even reached out to begin internships with employers in their field of choice!

Come and check out some of their work at Techno Expo on January 25th at Northwest High School!

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