Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Virtual Feedback

The Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band at Gene Pike Middle School have been busy preparing for UIL.  In search for authentic feedback their director, Mr. Forbis, reached out to the two composers of the pieces that will be playing for their UIL competition. Using the video conferencing tool Zoom Wind Ensemble students were able to connect with Mr. Randall Standridge in Arkansas about his piece titled: Darklands March.  The Symphonic Band zoomed with Mr. Vince Gassi in Canada about the piece titled Crusade.  Both composers were able to listen to the band play their piece and then spend some time giving them particular measures to work on.  When talking with Mr. Gassi, students were able to tweak portions of the piece and have him listen each time to provide immediate suggestions for them. These composers took an opportunity to talk with students about the piece they were playing and how or why they chose to write that piece.  At the end of the session, students were able to ask questions that they had prepared the day before.  It was such an awesome experience for everyone involved.

Mr. Forbis has since been in contact with both composers and they plan to virtually meet again next month for last minute tips for UIL.

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