Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Riddle Me This

Second Graders at Clara Love Elementary are pros at justifying the number riddles that they wrote. The students in Mrs. Melbourn's class have been working on ways to represent numbers.  They have spent time working on whole number representation and relationships such as: odd, even, place value, comparing, and ordering.

To demonstrate their understanding of a whole number's position, they created Number Puzzle Flip Books.  After creating their flip book, students took a picture of a blank hundreds chart and created a voice over in Seesaw as they justified their thinking about the position of their number within the hundreds chart.

After adding their videos to their Seesaw Class, they spent time creating QR codes for their video to be placed with the Flip Book. Linking their work to a QR code allowed students to share with their authentic reasoning with an audience.

Alex, a student in Mrs. Melbourn's Class, shared that having an opportunity to record his voice to explain his thinking helped him really think through exactly what he was telling his audience. He went on to say, "It helped me kinda count and cross them out and helped other people kinda to learn. Then they know that 50 is an even number, because its 25 and 25."

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