Monday, January 23, 2017

Let's Plan a Party!

Have you ever been responsible for planning a party for a big event? The 7th graders at Pike Middle School were asked by the Principal to plan the 7th grade End of Year Party. A big task, right? The students in Mrs. Morton’s Pre-AP Math class embraced the real-life challenge of being an event planner. They had to put their knowledge of patterns, equations, and rates of change to the test.

“Our project was to plan a party for Mr. Jones. We could choose where to eat and what activity to do, the challenge was to find the best deal so that we could spend the least amount of money as possible.” -Joseph

"The project was fun and took a lot of brain power because you had to think through the problems. We used the comments feature to talk back and forth to one another when we were confused. We don't live close to each other so the comment feature allowed use to collaborate from home." -Evelyn

"We used the website, Create a Graph Classic to make the graphs. Last year in math class, we made pie charts using that website so I figured I could go back to that website and make these graphs."-Raegan

This project challenged the students to be a proctor of their own learning. It is no surprise that they ended this project with more knowledge of real world experiences in the field of Math and had some fun planning a party at the same time. The International Society for Technology in Education would describe these scholars as; knowledge constructors, computational thinkers, and global collaborators.

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