Monday, October 6, 2014

A Global Perspective with Blendspace

6-8, Blendspace, Communication, Create, Global Learning, Global Perspective, Medlin, Middle School, Publishing, Relationships, Research, Secondary, Ashley Chapman, Having a global perspective is essential for today's learners. Students in Ms. Nolan's class had the opportunity to explore professional etiquette in different situations and to identify strategies for dealing with differences in ethnicity. Student's used a tool called Blendspace to create a way to communicate their learning and to allow others to learn from their research.

Blake explored etiquette as it relates to Indonesian culture. He found that a man should never extend his hand to a woman and he should always wait for her cue. He also discovered that finger pointing is considered inappropriate. 

Audrey focused her research on etiquette tips for Saudi Arabia. "The left hand is considered unclean or unpure and reserved mostly for hygiene. Also, avoid gestures with the right hand. Do not point at another person directly and do not eat with the left hand. The "thumbs up" gesture is offensive and rude. Furthermore, try not to cross your legs when sitting and never show the bottom of your feet. It is common and proper to remove your shoes before entering a building or a person's home. Follow the lead of your host."

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