Monday, March 23, 2015

Finger Monkeys, Fun and Flipagrams...

In Mrs. Cunningham's 4th grade class at Sendera Ranch Elementary students were asked to share via a technology tool of choice their understanding of inherited and learned traits. A few of the groups of students took to the Flipagram app that they have seen their parents use to capture an event or memory and post to Social Media.

Most adult users of Flipagram have utilized it for entertainment, but Mrs. Cunningham's 4th graders found another purpose. To share their learning.

Through student collaboration, a bit of research, use of the PicCollage App and collecting images, the groups of students were able to quickly create an informative and fun Flipagram about a specific animal. Using the audio tool to record their voices students were able to provide dynamic images with narration. The final product provided students with a link that can be shared via the internet so that others can learn from their discoveries beyond their own classroom.
Click HERE to go to Interactive Flipagram Product.

Students were engaged in this fun and quick project that allowed them to showcase understanding and Mrs. Cunningham to assess learning on this particular standard.

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