Monday, May 15, 2017

Peer Feedback on the Rise!

Third Graders in Mrs. Carpenter's Class at Clara Love Elementary recently began conversations on Main Idea.  Students spent three days learning about what a main idea was and how to determine the main idea of a piece of text.  In order to get a temperature  check on her students to determine their level of understanding, Mrs. Carpenter set up a Collaborative Google Slide. Together as a class, they focused on an article and then students found the main idea of any paragraph or section that they chose.

Mrs. Carpenter created a slide template with 2 colored boxes: something I've learned and something I'm still confused about.  She took some time with the class to model how to add a new slide using the template. They had to complete one green box about something they learned, one red box about a misconceptions, and then comment on at least 2 others red boxes.

Students went right to work discovering main ideas, determining the new material they had learned, questioning their understanding to take it deeper and helping others find answers to the questions they still had.  This assignment not only held students accountable for their own learning, but also allowed them to give and receive immediate feedback.  The teacher was able to gage where everyone's understanding was not only on their own new learning and misconceptions, but also on the feedback they were able to give.

Following this activity, Mrs. Carpenter also set up collaborative Google Slides for poetry. Check back to see how they advanced in their understanding of the templates and commenting feature of Slides.

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